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How to use Fldigi

We are compiling helpful guides for how to set up, configure, and use digital ham software such as EasyPal, Fldigi, and Winlink. If you have any content to share, or edits that you think we should include in these articles, please let us know in… Read More »How to use Fldigi

FLDIGI Configuration with DRA 100

The instructions to configure FLDIGI with the DRA 100 is at  It was particularly perplexing because when I selected the C-media device from the drop-down menu and clicked “Test” it activated the PTT like it’s supposed to (rapid toggle for about 2 seconds).  It turns out that… Read More »FLDIGI Configuration with DRA 100

Practice Digital on HF

ORCA Digital net every Tuesday evening.See: is a Western Digital Net every Thursday.See: Good place to get hooked on digital modes using FLDIGI or D780 from Ham Radio Deluxe. The MOST complete description of digital mode identification I have seen in one place. Includes audio… Read More »Practice Digital on HF