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How to use Fldigi

We are compiling helpful guides for how to set up, configure, and use digital ham software such as EasyPal, Fldigi, and Winlink. If you have any content to share, or edits that you think we should include in these articles, please let us know in the comments! Thank you.

Here is the start:

  1. FLDigi Beginner’s Guide from the developer, David Freese W1HKJ: . This is a good place to start. The Beginner’s Guide includes 5 main sections: (1) basic questions answered about what digital modes are and what FLDigi does; (2) a written guide to first setting up FLDigi; (3) a tour of the FLDigi software to let you know what you’re looking at and what things do; (4) basic instructions for operating FLDigi to send and receive digital modes; and (5) use of direct keyboard commands (a.k.a. special keys) to perform common operations in FLDigi.
  2. Draft: Quick guide for settings in FLDigi, FLMsg & FLAMP: Brief instructions on which settings to select for most operators in the 3 main NBEMS packages, FLDigi, FLMsg & FLAMP.
  3. Draft: Step-by-step screenshot of FLDigi set-up & operation using SignaLink USB sound card: This set of slides walks you through set-up and operation of FLDigi using the popular SignaLink USB sound card by Tigertronics. It includes annotated screenshots.

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  1. QUESTION…Any version of FLDIGI that I found downloads in another language I cannot read…


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